Virtual Reality (VR) Walk-Throughs

On our Animation & Video Services page we discuss how motion increases excitement and engagement for your customers and stakeholders, with video fly-throughs of your interior and exterior architectural project renderings. Now imagine moving through a home, condo, or office location as if you were really there. Virtual Reality experiences offer more than just standard pre-viz (pre-visualization) and archviz (architectural visualization). VR can simulate look and feel to a higher, more impactful level.

Interactive Architectural Previews

Interactive virtual reality visioning enables previewing your projects in simulated real-time. Let a person explore at their own pace, and “feel out” the space. Add in interactive customization and now your customers can choose their own preferences for furniture, flooring, wall color, decor, cabinetry, hardware and other finishing touches, and see it right there in fully immersive 3D virtual reality (VR).

Interactive Augmented Reality (AR)

While Virtual Reality (VR) allows a person to experience a simulated 3D rendering of your custom home or office space in real-time stereoscopic imaging, Augmented Reality, also known as Mixed Reality, combines the synthetic with the immediate real-world space. No longer limit your model showroom display space to just one model. Make it virtual, interactive and fun!

Touch-Screen Interaction Displays

We also develope touch-enabled applications that can be deployed to tablets, smartphones or standalone kiosks, for a variety of uses:

  • Interactive product catalogs
  • Marketing extensions
  • 3D product previews
  • Distributable architectural previews (3D and 2D)
  • Smartphone based augmented reality (AR)